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  • To reach even the most difficult to reach windows, CrystalClear Spray uses a system that is as simple as it is ingenious
  • Just attach it to your garden house and the water pressure is multiplied as it runs through the CrystalClear Spray
  • Add the powder to the sprayer, insert in a garden house, turn it on, and spray your windows! There's no scrubbing and no rinsing to be done afterwards
  • This is a multifunctional treatment that can be used on ALL exterior surfaces! Walls, sheds, cars, boats, jetskis, RVs and more


Washing the inside-facing part of your windows is a breeze. But the ugly dirt and grime tend to accumulate on the outside. And the outside-facing part of your windows can be a lot harder to get to!

Don't pull out the old rickety ladder! Just use CrystalClear Spray! Using just the water pressure from a garden hose, the sprayer creates a powerful jet of water/cleaning fluid! Just spray your windows and your done - its a no scrub formula!

  • Capacity: clean up to 20 windows at a time
  • Power: up to 27 feet!
  • Cleaning chemicals are harmless to plants, flowers, and lawns
  • Multiuse: windows, cares, sheds...
  • Works with ALL garden hoses
  • Reusable sprayer


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